Chapter House Lane is a new art space in central Melbourne which will exhibit works by different artists each month. The project has been developed and executed by a small enthusiastic group, who look forward to launching the space in the next month or so. In the meantime, there is still a lot to be done.

The space comprises three large windows at the Flinders Lane end of Chapter House Lane, a little known alley that lies alongside St Paul’s Cathedral. Today, the pedestrian traffic in the lane consists mainly of bridal parties and their photographic entourage, and the down-on-their-luck looking for support and inspiration from the Lazarus drop-in centre. The conversion of the window space to a gallery will add a new dimension to the area, creating an inviting and intriguing contemporary element to this historically significant section of the city.

Flinders Lane entry to Chapter House Lane

The window space was discovered, unused, early in 2011 and when it remained that way in the following months, it was decided a transformation was not only possible, but had so much potential it could not go unexplored and ignored. The research that ensued resulted in support for the project from the lease-holder, Careers Australia and the neighbours at St Paul’s.

Which was great, in theory, but meant suddenly the project was alive and needed tending and action and thought and even more action. A committee was formed to realise the budding and burgeoning bank of ideas it spawned, which has entailed some less than glamorous, even arduous tasks and continues to present challenges in the lead up to the launch. But it will all have been worth it to contribute in what way we can to the social and cultural fabric of this great city and to support the artists and arts patrons who make it so vibrant.