André Piguet


1 November5 January 2013

Chapter House Lane presents André Piguet’s C.M.B.Rrrr’ on the occasion of its first birthday. Please join us for the show opening and celebrate this milestone with a drink between 6-8pm, Thursday 1 November.

Piguet grew up with the surf of the Gold Coast a constant backdrop, perhaps incidentally shaping his interest in working with resin and perspex. Wax on, wax off, the way water beads around a surface – fluid, yet precise. And now, similar forms are mirrored in a distant, opposing sphere – the vast outer regions of space.

Piguet explores the big bang, researching the microwave radiation that represents our genesis and our future, posing boggling unanswered questions.

An interest in history eventually drew him past the human, to ‘deep time’ where maths is the only avenue both analytical and abstract enough to bring sense to the mass. As for the mess, well, there’s art. And Piguet’s slow and painstaking interpretation of images caught by cameras infinitely more advanced than the human eye is a fabulous introduction.

For more, further recommended reading is as follows: Andrei Linde, Frank J Tipler, Nikolai Kardashev, Arthur C Clarke and Carl Sagan. Enjoy.

The show will run from 1 November 2012 to 5 January 2013. For more on André Piguet see his website here or download the room sheet or his CV.