Andrzej Nowicki


7 June1 July 2012

Chapter House Lane, in collaboration with Perimeter Books, presents a solo exhibition with artist Andrzej Nowicki from 7 June – 1 July 2012. The show opening will be held on Thursday 7 June from 6-8pm.

Nowicki has previously exhibited in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Brooklyn and his first Melbourne show was held at Perimeter in 2011. Via Poland, South Africa and New York, the now Melbourne-based artist uses mixed media including pastels, graphite, ink and oils for his current collection, Feldgrau. Inspired by lesser known colours and the 1565 Bruegel work, Hunters in the Snow, Nowicki felt the title Feldgrau – ‘field grey’ – apt, for a show inspired by the outlying corners of the influential painting; and one that exhibits in a wintry June.

Larger works, they capture curious landscapes from an indiscernible time, and stories without end, which make you feel the trudging movement in each scene. A figure set against a bleak expanse, shards of colour… the resulting whole, an expressive juxtaposition. With a background in prints, collage, watercolour and gouache, the versatile artist retains his style, retelling histories with foibles from the present.