In the second installment of around the grounds, Chapter House Lane past exhibitors are found exhibiting in Sydney and Melbourne, others – seeking inspiration in far off lands. Matlok Griffiths (CHL#5 & #19) has recently taken off to the Philippines and I look forward to following up on what he makes of that other island nation, how he copes amid earthquakes and the inclement weather for which it’s well-known, and what impact it has on his painting.

On the other side of the world in Southern Holland, photographer Isabella Moore (CHL#11) has taken a series of pictures at the Redhead fest in Breda. Follow her tumblr for other oddities encountered as she tours Europe.

Benjamin Lichtenstein (CHL#16) has a show opening this Saturday 19 October at Utopian Slumps’ Project Space in Melbourne. ‘You will be happy here’ features new photographs demonstrating his continued development of darkroom techniques, and if the teaser is anything to go by, they’ll be similarly rich compositions.

Lichtenstein’s show runs until 9 November, and it’s one on our not-to-miss list. Also in Melbourne, Andre Piguet (CHL#12) is set to have his next show at WestSpace in March 2014, so that will be one to look out for. Meanwhile, up in Sydney, Rowan Conroy (CHL#4) is currently featured in exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography in Paddington. Combining his interest in the form and the historical, his show ‘The Woodhouse Rephotography Project‘ supplants documentary images of Greece taken by archaeologist Professor William Woodhouse in the present century, recording the impact of time and change on the ancient landscape.