I admit a trip to the dictionary was required, the word was palimpsest. The context: Mildura Palimpsest Biennale. To save you the trouble, palimpsest is something reused, altered from its previous form, but baring traces of its original use, or a parchment from which the original script is erased, and the faint traces upon which a new story is written.

Jackson Eaton (CHL#15) has taken out the 2013 Iris Award at the Perth Centre for Photography for his collection ‘Melfies’ which was first presented by Chapter House Lane. He was then selected as a participant of MCA’s Primavera exhibition, an annual celebration of exceptional young contemporary artists.

The exhibition features his series ‘Better Half’ which sees photos from Eaton’s earlier body of work ‘Were Never Married’ remodelled by his Father and his better half, trumping the usual phrase: ‘like father like son’. To follow are two pictures taken from the exhibition which is on display until 17 November 2013.

Also in Sydney, Jelena Telecki (CHL#3) has recently completed a residency at ArtSpace where she commenced development of Yugoslavie douze points, which uses recordings from the Eurovision song contest to address identity and citizenship of a country in which she was born, but which today does not exist. Now represented by Gallery 9 in Darlinghurst, look out for new work by the artist in 2014.

Andrzej Nowicki (CHL#7 & #14) currently has a show at Tristian Koenig in Collingwood. ‘Colour won’t mask your dark black heart’ is on display until 27 October. This month, as part of Dispatch, a window space exchange program, we also send work by Nowicki to Current Projects in Brisbane. Located at Ryan Renshaw, ‘Spooks go striding’ will be on display 18 October – 9 November.