Chart Collective is a non-profit publisher from Melbourne that explores the connections between people and the environment. Inviting contributors from across disciplines and backgrounds, Chart Collective has a wide range of online and print publications, images and sounds, as well as in situ events. 

This year’s The Longer Light Series explores personal rituals and the importance of space and time. Each week of summer (2014-2015) will see a different interpretation of the theme by a variety of contributors including visual artist, Benjamin Lichtenstein.

Benjamin Lichtenstein has exhibited at Chapter House Lane numerous times. His previous solo exhibitions include Death Adder, Chapter House Lane2013 and Paperwork, 136 Johnston Street, 2014. Today we are equally excited and inspired by his photographic contribution called ‘Living in the Present’. As Chart Collective beautifully summarised Benjamin’s work:

In ‘Living in the Present’ Benjamin turns his candid lens on his family, friends, partner, partner’s family and himself to reflect something that is comforting, familiar, perceptive and touching.

You can view ‘Living in the Present’ here and the rest of the Longer Light Series here.

All photos courtesy of Benjamin Lichtenstein, 2015. See more on Benjamin’s website.