David Egan

How did the worms know about the compost?

3 September27 September 2015

“Earthworms do not have a nose, eyes, ears or hands to gather sensory information. They depend on light sensitive photoreceptors in their skin to feel their way through soil … I don’t understand how that helps them figure out where the good food scraps are.”

Through written text, performance and expanded painting David Egan animates an idiosyncratic set of relations between decorative artifice, methods of deflection and philosophical problems of time. His work attends to the nature and tensions of contemporary experiences of time and pictures, and to the possibility that art might articulate and deepen these experiences.

Egan has exhibited nationally and internationally and is currently based in Melbourne. Recent exhibitions include: Out Land Look Scape, Westspace (2015), Actually Energy Help Light, Gertrude Contemporary (2015), Underground Museum Tactic, St Heliers Street Gallery (2014), Painting Playing Cards, Substation (2014), Hire a magician to speak on your behalf, he is a great entertainer and the audience is blown away, TCB artinc. (2013). In 2011 Egan co-founded Natural Mystery, an exhibition and project space in Perth, he also currently co-runs Pansy, a gallery space based in Footscray. See the artist’s website for more information.

Opening: 3 September, 6–8pm