We’ve drawn the curtains and said adieu, but there is still plenty of tinkering away happening behind the scenes.

Over the summer we also indulged in some sweet reminiscing, and wanted to invite you into our nostalgic glance back at 2018. Imagine a rousing musical montage playing in a sports film about an underdog team training to make the finals – it all goes so fast in retrospect.

With our rose-tinted glasses on – here are some highlights that made a splash in the media. The gallery may be closed, but the Internet lives forever…

Maddison Kitching, ‘A partial view’ (installation view), 18 January – 24 February 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold

We started the year with Maddison Kitching’s ‘A partial view’ – a series of paintings that interrogated a vision of the Australian landscape through a colonial lens. Maddison’s work about the commodification of the environment also informed his show EcoLuxe at KINGS Artist-Run with CHL photographer Aaron Claringbold. Maddison’s show gained the attention of The Design Files, Art Guide Australia and Beyond the Opening

Robert Brain and Kate Just, ‘Needleman, Feminist Fan (installation view)’, 1 March – 28 April 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold.

In Autumn, ‘Needleman, Feminist Fan’ by Robert Brain and Kate Just – an exhibition of tapestries and knitted work – also caught the attention of The Design Files and Art + Australia.

Elyas Alavi, ‘Daydreamer Wolf (installation view)’, 3 May – 30 June 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold.

In April, Adelaide artist Elyas Alavi’s ‘Daydreamer Wolf’ (part of Next Wave festival) exhibition was written up in The Adelaide Review.

Colleen Ahern, Kirsty Budge, Kate Just, Dan Moynihan, Oscar Perry and Toby Pola ‘Killing Time (installation view)’, 5 July – 31 August 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold.

Our winter group show ‘Killing Time’ was a cheeky poke at laneway culture and the social value of the smoko. This exhibition was written up by Art Monthly, reviewed in Art Guide Australia and artist Colleen Ahern and CHL Director Louise Klerks were interviewed on Astral Glamour at RRR Radio.

Rafaella McDonald, ‘‘Sucking Breath, Jolly Lolly (installation view)’, 6 September – 27 October 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold.

Across 2018, Chapter House Lane presented six exhibitions and worked with 58 artists. At our end-of-an-era committee dinner, in between bites of pizza, Director Louise said ‘Overall this year has been exciting and fun. Our collective energy and dedication has been at its strongest, and this has been recognised by many, including the wider community.’ It’s sappy, but it’s true. We’ll wrap it up before we get emotional – but keep an eye on us here. We are slowly moving on, but you never know where we might pop up next. Stay vigilant.

‘Seven Year Itch (installation view)’, 1 November – 31 December 2018. Photo by Aaron Claringbold.