Isadora Vaughan

Slaty Cleavage

1 October1 November 2015

In the direct heat of the sun, the earth’s crust, soil and rocks expand on a molecular level. As the night comes, the warmth subsides and materials contract.

This repeated expansion and contraction can make even the most gigantic boulders split apart over time. Considering the enormous and the microscopic, form and shapeliness, resilience and fragility, this exhibition uses sculpture to build and pull apart the binaries we use to understand material.

Isadora Vaughan is interested in the capacity of materials to effect and enable spontaneity and action. Textures, geology, form and flexibility inform an intensive studio practice dealing with the physical act of making and doing. Vaughan’s recent projects include Slippery Mattering, Westspace 2014, Soft Eyes, TCB; Das Boot, Next Wave Festival; Interpreting Variable Arrangements, SUPERMARKET (Stockholm) 2013; Common Room, Rear View 2012, We Are That Within Which We Operate, Kings ARI 2012.

Opening: Thursday 1 October, 6–8pm