Jackson Eaton


7 March31 March 2013

Jackson Eaton drove off the Nullarbor and into Melbourne in January and now, Chapter House Lane proudly presents his first local show of the year.

Join us for ‘Melfies’, photographic memes of the selfie – the self-posed, self-published phenomenon flooding the highways of the web, with drinks from 6-8pm, Thursday 7 March.

Eaton fixes his camera on self-styled scenes, relinquishing control of the trigger to amateurs: his Mum, a photo lab attendant, a pharmacist – people to whom Eaton, the subject, presents a different perspective. He gives up just enough to let the gaze seep in past the frame and into the field of the intense, rich compositions.

His mirrored self presents privileged information, formalities (or informalities) and performance, which deadpan cynicism suggests aren’t the whole truth or a clear portrayal of identity. The uncanny execution of his works, as in previous series’, is once again evident in this collection. Find out more about the artist.