Kate Smith


1 August1 September 2013

Kate Smith’s ‘Show’ comes to Chapter House Lane this August, with an opening from 6-8pm, Thursday 1 August. Please join us and the artist for drinks by Melbourne’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

From Cootamundra to Melbourne, Kate Smith brings a very Country Practice to her living room floor where she breaks from another episode of the 80s dramatic classic for a spot of painting. The ANU art school graduate goes back to basics in this collection of new and reworked boards with rich brushwork and colour which between yummy and yucky defy the need for essayistic interpretation.

It may be just a show, they may be just paintings, but they may very well be just what you need.

Taking a step back from the need to read into the work, Smith reduces its meaning, avoiding the inflammatory trend which requires art ask, answer, conceal and convey questions and concepts far greater than the work itself. For now, the work is enough, as is the joy of making it or looking at it. This simplicity, Smith says stems from her rural roots and a genuine belief in the ethics of an ‘unprofessional’ approach.

Kate Smith appears courtesy of Sutton Gallery and has recently completed a residency in Gippsland.

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