Michael Georgetti


5 February1 March 2015

A mix of performance, installation, chess and office furniture, ‘EVERYTHING IS JUST SOMETHING’ blurs the lines between art and life. We are pleased to announce that this exhibition marks Chapter House Lane’s debut in the White Night festival.

In the world according to Michael Georgetti everyday life bumps into art in the most unlikely of places. A generic office space. A game of chess with Australia’s top player. A television monitor. A social exchange.

In February Georgetti will transform Chapter House Lane into a changing environment with curious installations and interactions. In the ultimate battle of wits, he will take on Australian Chess Grandmaster Darryl Johansen with a series of chess games held in the confines of our metre-deep display window.

A simple board game quickly turns into absurdist performance art as this strange spectacle plays out in a laneway window gallery. The audience will watch the players’ every claustrophobic move as they replicate the strangeness of a televised chess tournament, complete with digital clock and running chess notation.

Revelling in everyday oddity, Georgetti pulls art off the gallery wall and throws it into daily life, blurring the lines between player, artist, audience and participant. Georgetti operates in a long tradition of challenging what the artist does and makes, deflating authorship in the process. In ‘EVERYTHING IS JUST SOMETHING’ he presents a series of creative processes, satires and happenings, searching for a true connection between everyday life and art.

Michael Georgetti is a Melbourne-based contemporary artist who plays with the role of art and the artist in everyday life. He is currently undertaking his PhD in contemporary art. He has exhibited extensively locally and internationally, including with the AC Institute New York and The Merz Barn in England. Find out more on Michael’s website.

Chess performances

Join us for one of four performances:

  • Thursday 5 February, 6–8pm (exhibition launch)
  • Thursday 12 February, 12–2pm
  • Saturday 21 February (White Night)
  • Thursday 26 February 12–2pm

The performance on Saturday 21 February, 9pm–12am, is held as part of Melbourne’s White Night festival. This is Chapter House Lane’s debut in the White Night program.