Pia Murphy


3 May31 May 2012

In May, Chapter House Lane stages a muster of Pia Murphy’s ceramic sculptural work. Join us on Thursday 3 May from 6-8pm for a drink at the show opening.

The small works from 2011 and 2012, including new works, descend on the city from their dreamy genesis off Victoria’s southwest coast. Some emerge life-like, as if from the pages of a National Geographic, others meld a wayward imagination and artistic influence in their shape, form and final touches – a Hockney inspired print on an unusually shaped jug, a dog-creature born of a Bill Traylor drawing.

Murphy pays homage to the malleability of the material and the uncertainty in the transformative firing process, viewing the intrigue surrounding the end result as a source of excitement rather than anxiety. A background in printmaking is as much responsible as her cheeky and nebulous approach, to creating these thought-altering objects of interest.