Pia Murphy


6 March30 March 2014

A follow up to ‘Woolgather’ (2012), Pia Murphy’s ceramics return to Chapter House Lane with her second solo show, ‘Land’, from the 6-30 March. Please join us for opening drinks: 6-8pm on Thursday the 6th.

Hatched in a dozy inlet town on the southwest coast of Victoria, the ceramic collection that culminates as ‘Land’ was generated from Murphy’s unabashed fantasies of inhabiting a fanciful deserted island whilst in the throes of making. The results of this intuitive process will transform the Chapter House Lane windows into a wunderkammer, a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ or ‘wonder-room’, celebrating life in large-scale animal, human, and abstract forms

With her current practice ranging from sculptural to functional and wearable ceramics, Murphy forms animate characters, vessels, and everyday objects through a cheeky and nebulous approach to making: becoming absorbed in the malleability of her materials, and embracing the unexpected in the transformative firing process. Her penchant for unpredictability as an integral component of each step of the process has been her mainstay since her days working with acid and copper as a printmaker. 

Murphy has exhibited at C3 Contemporary Art Space, Chapter House Lane, Pieces of Eight Gallery, St. Heliers Street Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre, and Karen Woodbury Gallery.

To see her curriculum vitae click here.