Alasdair McLuckie



Alasdair McLuckie’s artist book (2014) is a 22-page collection of hand bound archival inkjet prints of McLuckie’s drawings and collages. The book continues the artist’s interest in the dynamics of desire, the exotic, and primitivism that underlines the aesthetic relationship between tribal arts, modernism, and contemporary western art traditions. Alasdair McLuckie is represented by Murray White Room, Melbourne and Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin.

This artist book is self-published and printed on recycled paper.

AlasdairMcLuckie_Untitled_lowres_web.3.1 AlasdairMcLuckie_Untitled_lowres_web.2 AlasdairMcLuckie_Untitled_lowres_web.2.1 AlasdairMcLuckie_Untitled_lowres_web.1.1