Riley Payne


3 April27 April 2014

Chapter House Lane welcomes Riley Payne to the program in 2014 with an exhibition from 3 – 27 April. Join us at the opening from 6-8pm on Thursday April 3.

Using readily available, over-familiar everyday imagery as a jumping off point, Payne’s highly detailed drawings, combined with text and hand-made/photographed/re-drawn sculptural shapes, bring about new readings on the mundane. Idealised images of leisure, work, food, sex, travel and nature all receive a new addition – some subtle, some overt – in what appears as a slowed down and lovingly rendered scrawling on a bill poster or magazine ad.

Paynes’ works could be considered a futile exercise. But, in effect, they trace out a coping strategy for pausing, and processing, the endless stream of images, oscillating between beautiful and vulgar, which wait for us at every turn.

Previous exhibitions include Leisure Time, Ed. Varie, New York, 2013; Salon Selectionne Des Artistes et Des Livres, Ed. Varie, Paris, 2013; Circle Work, Block Projects, Melbourne, 2012; John Kleckner and Riley Payne, Tristian Koenig, Melbourne, 2011; Points of View, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, 2010.

To download Payne’s curriculum vitae, click here.