Rowan Conroy


1 March1 April 2012

Chapter House Lane presents Rowan Conroy’s striking, large-scale photographs of downtown Athens from 1 March – 1 April, 2012.

Conroy’s interest in archaeology – past and present – has taken him to places rooted in the ancient, yet foraging for a foothold in contemporary times. Photographing Athens from a height helped him document its high-density construction, endemic to the modern day metropolis.

The images present the urban landscape as a calcified accretion. The city can be compared to structures like anthills, coral reefs or lichen: colonies of organisms that grow, replicate and eventually spread across the land inhabiting every available crevice. With no horizon in sight, the viewer must contemplate the built environment in light of current environmental challenges, such as climate change, population growth and sustainability. Having previously exhibited in Sydney and Cyprus, this is Conroy’s first Melbourne show. Currently on display, Rowan Conroy’s  ‘Untitled #5, from the series Athina” has been short listed in the Josephine Ulrick Win Schubert Photography award.

To download Rowan Conroy’s artist statement and CV, please click here. Alternatively, you can visit his website.