Here is our second collection of panoramic shots presenting the exhibitions in-situ. If you’re overseas or interstate, these images give some idea of the display of works in the space and their setting within the lane.

February 2013 – Andrzej Nowicki ‘Bifrost’

Andrzej Nowicki 'Bifrost' panorama


January 2013 – Phil Elverum ‘Six Real Ghosts’

Phil Elverum panorama


November 2012 – Andre Piguet ‘C.M.B.Rrrr’

Andre Piguet panorama


October 2012 – Isabella Moore ‘Wisdom’

Isabella Moore panorama


September 2012 – Lani Seligman ‘Yes, but’

Lani Seligman 'Yes, but' panorama


August 2012 – Andrew Gordon ‘Bloods’

Andrew Gordon 'Bloods' panorama