As we prepare for Show No.9 we look back at our first eight exhibitions in film-strip format. Together the exhibitions represent the start of our walk through the interesting, beautiful, unusual and uplifting in local contemporary art practise.

July 2012 – Alexander Ouchtomsky ‘Splinter Mine’


June 2012 – Andrzej Nowicki ‘Feldgrau’


May 2012 – Pia Murphy ‘Woolgather’


April 2012 – Matlok Griffiths “Chic & Contemporary Holiday Paintings”


March 2012 – Rowan Conroy ‘ATHINA’


February 2012 – Jelena Telecki ‘Februar’


January 2012 – Chaco Kato ‘Liquid Neurology’


November/December 2011 – Justin Lee Williams ‘Midnight Mountain Dancing’


As for August, Andrew Gordon’s ‘Bloods’ will be unveiled in an opening from 6-8pm, Thursday second. His large oil paintings set against handmade flags will once again offer something different for our audience.

Huge thanks to resident photographer Justin Lee Courageo for photographing our exhibitions and openings.