With an alfresco setting next to St Paul’s, the Chapter House Lane show openings are somewhat reliant on the good will of dear Greek God Zeus. As master of the sky and all things weather related we’ve been lucky to benefit from his summery whimsy with another two fine evenings turned out in celebration, first of Chaco Kato’s exhibition: ‘Liquid Neurology’, then of Jelena Telecki’s current ‘Februar’.

Into the evening, and under lights, Kato’s strings created a shadow play of spidery effect.

A Melbourne crowd, spoilt by the ongoing good weather had no difficulty bracing against the chilling effects of Telecki’s work.

The next Chapter House Lane show opening is Thursday 1 March with the photographic exhibition ‘ATHINA’ by Sydney-sider Rowan Conroy. Here’s hoping everything stays calm on Mount Olympus and that the Gods find pleasure in the upcoming Greek theme.