Benjamin Lichtenstein


10 July8 August 2014

Chapter House Lane presents its new project: 136 Johnston Street. Kicking off with photographic artist Benjamin Lichtenstein, we bring a short season of special shows to our new Collingwood window. Join us from 6-8pm, Thursday 10 July for Lichtenstein’s ‘Paperwork’.

Over many millennia, papyrus – the reedy plant from the banks of the Nile – managed to morph into paperwork. Piles and piles of the stuff, sometimes filed, sometimes scrunched, a persistence to modernity. A rudimentary thing of such little beauty, except for that, it has at times been perfumed, embossed, printed and cut into such magnificence our disdain must at least be challenged. For Lichtenstein – a canvas – on which he builds up and out, manipulating the fibrous pith beyond basic recognition; altering its state with light, ink, paint and acid emulsion. The layered results have all the grace and shadow play of an Indonesian silhouette, delivered with an undeniable darkness. Exploring the outer regions of photographic classification, Lichtenstein’s ever changing combinations: sharpie, sabre, finger-paint, fonts – create unique-state eye-catching prints. Following successful shows at NeoSpace, Chapter House Lane and Utopian Slumps’ Project Room, we welcome him to 136 Johnston Street.

See more work from Lichtenstein here.