Chaco Kato

Liquid Neurology

9 January29 January 2012

From 9-29 January 2012, Chapter House Lane, in collaboration with Sugar Mountain Festival, presents ‘Liquid Neurology’ an exhibition by Melbourne-based, Japanese artist, Chaco Kato.

A founding member of the Slow Art Collective and educated in fine arts in Tokyo, Boston and Melbourne, Chaco Kato’s creative practice crosses genre and form, focusing on sustainability and eschewing gross consumerism. Best known for ephemeral, playful installations, Chaco brings her sense of humour and signature string construction to Chapter House Lane. Responding to the site, she employs versatility and flexibility to transform the space, developing a gradual understanding of the immediate environment and the way it’s viewed.

In its second year, the annual Sugar Mountain Festival brings contemporary musicians and visual artists together to highlight the collaborative nature of the two art forms, and the way in which they each influence the others’ creativity. Go here for the full line-up of events.