Kate Tucker


14 January31 January 2016

Cutaway comprises works of a variety of mediums and techniques as a site-specific installation for Chapter House Lane’s walk-by space. Artist Kate Tucker reimagines the window as a stage for the re-enactment of her painting process.

Presented as a series of paintings and sculptures, Tucker engages with an open ended process whereby ideas inform material experiments. Tucker’s usual layering upon canvas transitions into the physical space of the gallery. For the works exhibited at Chapter House Lane, Tucker has sought to refine and expand her painting practice. In doing this, Tucker plays the amateur and dabbles and experiments with tensions present within her work.

Despite a desire to understand distinct materials, the conversation and meaning that arises between aluminium, bronze, cloth, gaffer tape and paint relies on homogeneity. What is separate will at the same time be entangled; layering and shifting abstract forms are central to the work. With an almost infinite number of variables on show, Tucker manages to use her works to coax out an articulate language that retains both her intentionality and a sense of resolution.

Kate Tucker has held solo exhibitions at Helen Gory Galerie Art Stage Singapore, Rubicon ARI, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Edwina Corlette Gallery and Platform Public Art Space. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Dutton Gallery Spring 1883, Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre; Tristian Koenig Gallery, Caves, Linden New Art, and Bus Projects. She has been a finalist in the Albany Art Prize, Bayside Acquisitive Art prize, The Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards and The Archibald Prize. Tucker was included in Australian Art Collector’s 2013 edition on ‘50 Things Collectors Should Know’ and a profile on her practice was featured in Art Collector´s July – September 2014 issue. See the artist’s website for more information.

Opening: 14 January, 6–8pm