Kez Hughes

The Full Picture

5 September29 September 2013

Chapter House Lane presents new work by Kez Hughes this September in ‘The Full Picture’. Opening from 6-8pm, Thursday 5 September her exhibition runs until 29 September.

Kez Hughes is painting. Perhaps not at this very minute…what I mean is, she is painting. She’s an apothecary of knowledge in her field, her studio a study in precision – an orderly and extensive array of paints, brushes, tubs and tubes at her disposal.

True to previous form, Hughes continues her meticulous record in this series of three large paintings, documenting the documentation of art in Melbourne. The word synecdoche comes to mind. And an idea that here too, like in the movie, a replica is set to replace the subject, and become the subject, simultaneously doing something to preserve the original for historical reference.

In Charlie Kaufman’s New York, an actor asks ‘When are we gonna get an audience in here? It’s been 17 years.’

You don’t have to wait so long.

For now a contemporary history, Hughes’ dedication and persistence to this ongoing body of work will also reap real rewards down the track as the exceptionally skilled painter captures a picture of our time.