Benjamin Lichtenstein

Death Adder

4 April4 May 2013

Chapter House Lane presents photographic work by Benjamin Lichtenstein this April. ‘Death Adder’ beautifully demonstrates his technical proficiency in darkroom development. Join us along with the artist, a Melbourne local, as the black and white experimental images are unveiled in an opening from 6-8pm, Thursday 4 April.

From an earlier error in 2006, the exhibition charts Lichtenstein’s efforts in testing the parameters of exposure and its impact on negative film and slide forms. The less precise: a studio-staged hula hooper is lost in grey fog; the more precise: a handheld light is focussed in a beam, to influence the outcome of the print. Even still, the snake like tracks go unseen until the chemical process is complete, the artist adding to the work blind, comfortable that he eschews the definite in the digital in pursuit of intrigue and an innocent interest in the science of photograms.

Lichtenstein graduated from the VCA in 2009 and in late April will participate in a group show at C3 which looks at six artists’ experimental photographic work. The following image is from his 2012 solo show ‘Cereal Dust’ which exhibited in Collingwood’s NeoSpace.