Charles O'Loughlin and Lane Cormick

Lane Charles

2 October2 November 2014

From 2 October – 2 November 2014, Chapter House Lane introduces our first ‘companion show’, with Melbourne artists Charles O’Loughlin and Lane Cormick. Join us for the opening 6-8pm on Thursday October 1.

‘Lane Charles’ will grow from a visual conversation: the artists choosing to initiate and sustain a dialogue of reply, compromise, and resolve within the exhibition space. The proposed method: one artist selects and installs the work of the other. From this initiation, the other will respond in kind, and so on it will go, an amalgamation of two practices.

Charles’s recording and archiving, adopted from statistical discourse processes, draws from the everyday, forming a personal inventory of the demands of daily life. Charles’ raw data is gleaned from the pressures of living in a large city, random encounters with individuals and the repetition of daily life, highlighting the works procedural unpredictability. Quantifying his daily existence is a performative act that seeks to re-appropriate daily life and the information produced by living.

Lane’s work is open-ended and unpredictable in outcome, influenced by a wide array of sources, with a commitment to impractical or unreasonable projects that test physical and mental endurance. The aesthetics of the functional, and the investigation of the limits of skill and technique, have all informed his performance or procedural works.

Charles O’Loughlin has previously exhibited at Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne; West Space, Melbourne; TCB art inc., Melbourne; Sullivan & Strumpf, Sydney; Block Projects, Melbourne; Sydney Non Objective, Sydney; Bus Projects, Melbourne; Kings ARI, Melbourne; and Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 2002 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the VCA in 2007. To see Charles O’Loughlin’s CV please click here.

Lane Cormick has previously exhibited at Daine Singer, Neon Parc, Tristian Koenig, CCP, RMIT Project Space, Gertrude Contemporary and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne; at Chalk Horse Gallery and Artspace in Sydney; and internationally at UKS Gallery, Oslo; and Art Forum, Berlin. He has also exhibited at various artist-run initiatives such as Hell, Platform, Bus, Penthouse and Pavement, Kings, TCB, and First Floor. Cormick has been the recipient of an Australia Council residency in Los Angeles and a Gertrude Contemporary residency in Melbourne. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) from the VCA in 1999. Lane Cormick is represented by Daine Singer, Melbourne. To see Lane Cormick’s CV please click here.