Chart Collective ‘The Longer Light Series’

This year’s The Longer Light Series explores personal rituals and the importance of space and time. Each week of summer (2014-2015) will see a different interpretation of the theme by a variety of contributors including visual artist, Benjamin Lichtenstein. Benjamin Lichtenstein has exhibited at Chapter House Lane numerous times. His previous solo exhibitions include Death Adder, Chapter House


136 Johnston Street Part II

Granted this extra slice of time, our final two shows go on to develop themes introduced by our previous three artists: a sense of exploration, self-taught methods and techniques – from darkroom experiments, and the intersection of sculpture, ceramics, and painting, to responding to the landscape en plein. To recap: it all started with the moody greyscale of Lichtenstein’s ‘Paperwork’. Unique-state compositions of light, ink, paint, and acid